Theresa School Lofts

St. Louis, MO

“Letting these architectural treasures rot is no longer an option.”

Chris Naffziger, writing about St. Louis’ vacant school buildings for Riverfront Times


Theresa School was an abandoned St. Louis City School, originally designed by William B. Ittner and built in 1902 as the original Harris Teacher’s College. It was close to demolition as part of a plan to build a shopping center, but the City of Saint Louis Public School Board revoked its offer to sell to the commercial developer and instead sold the empty and dilapidated building to Restoration St. Louis.


Thirty-five new loft-style apartments are on the three completely renovated floors. The original grand stair and wide hallways are restored and the building has completely new systems, interiors, roofing and amenities.

By Numbers

1902 date of original construction

2004 date listed on the National Register of Historic Places

35 loft apartments

45,500 sq. ft. of renovation

16 ft high windows

Project type

Multi-family housing

Historic Renovation

Historic Tax Credits


Restoration St. Louis, Developer

BSI Constructors, General Contractor

Checkmate Design, Project Manager

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Most Enhanced Landmark, St. Louis Landmarks Association

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