It still gives us clear evidence of a world that has long since vanished…Eliestoun is our last visible reminder of the family that founded Elsah and preserved its wooded surroundings for over seventy years.

Charles B. Hosmer, Jr. in ELIESTOUN of the Turners.


Eliestoun is a 1890’s Shingle-Style country home on the limestone bluffs 200 feet above the Mississippi River. Originally built by Henry Turner, the house and its extensive grounds have passed through several owners and served different roles over the past century.

Its historic features retain a strong structural integrity and the estate is treasured by neighbors and alumni at The Principia College nearby. However, without a self-sufficient use, the building has suffered from natural deterioration and vandalism and is facing possible demolition.


The Friends of Eliestoun is a non-profit group whose sole purpose is the revitalization of Eliestoun. Their objective is to preserve as much of the historic features as possible while returning the building to active use with a self-sustaining program.

The first step in this process was detailed documentation of the three story house and its immediate grounds. Next, meetings with the Friends of Eliestoun and other concerned parties defined and refined the performance criteria and the highest and best use.

Finally, from these criteria came a clear program and cost estimate for phased construction. With these information tools, Friends of Eliestoun is moving forward with fundraising efforts to finance this laudable renovation.

By Numbers

7,000 sq. ft. house

900 ft. distance the original owner had to drill for the house’s water well

$852,642 preliminary estimate for building stabilization

Project Type

Historic Renovation

Mixed use residential


Friends of Eliestoun LLC

Metropolitan Design/Build Inc

T.A.P. Engineers

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