The Central West End North

St. Louis, MO

CWE is arguably St. Louis’ greatest, most vibrant neighborhood.  It’s got so much to offer that almost any right-minded city lover would desire to call the CWE home.

St.Louis City

The Neighborhood

The Central West End North is a culturally rich and diverse neighborhood. Early 20th century buildings of brick and terracotta crowd the edges of the sidewalks on the main thoroughfare axis of Euclid Avenue and Maryland Plaza. Large storefront windows set in ornate facades showcase the message and merchandise of the tenants. Residents and visitors stroll through the medley of café tables, flowering planters, iron light poles and their fellow amblers to enjoy the scenes and flavors. Upscale houses and apartment buildings, each with their own floral and architectural ornaments pose in elegant lines down the surrounding streets. Charm and walkability are the hallmarks of the Central West End North neighborhood.

The Plan

After developing the original master plan three decades ago, Cohen Hilberry has been instrumental in maintaining and improving the Central West End North vision. Recently we worked with the CWE Business Community Improvement District to establish a set of design standards for site furnishings, lighting improvements, monolithic planting pots and hardscape, to enrich the wayfinding and pedestrian experience. Ongoing projects include aesthetically compatible safety features, accessible pathways and transportation improvements, and overall streetscape beautification.

By Numbers

1987: year CHA developed master plan for CWEN neighborhood

36 blocks: size of CWEN neighborhood

Project type

Neighborhood Master Plan

Site Survey and Assessment


CWEN Business Community Improvement District

Ten8 (Signage and Graphic Designers)

Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc.

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