Circus Flora

Saint Louis based traveling exhibition

“The circus was always a microcosm of the world, a harmonic unity of the opposites that David drew together within the grand tent.”

Holly Harris describing Circus Flora founder David Balding

The Circus

With a rich history in Saint Louis, and a legacy throughout the country, Circus Flora has delighted visitors for nearly three decades. Circus Flora embraces the local community through performance outreach programs and a long standing partnership with The Saint Louis Arches. Animals used in the program are sourced from local adoption agencies.

The Work

Cohen Hilberry worked with Circus Flora on the design of their new tent and incorporating bleacher and seating systems. Both tent and seats are fabricated in Italy and required substantial coordination to ensure they comply with U.S. codes. Circus Flora’s big-top circus spends the summer in the Grand Center neighborhood and travels around the country throughout the year. Cohen Hilberry is instrumental in the development of the building program for the Circus and managing permits in multiple venues.

Project type



Temporary Structures


Grand Center, Inc.

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