Our Story

Cohen Hilberry Architects, Inc. (CHA) was founded in 1993 when Gina Hilberry partnered with John Mike Cohen in the firm where she had spent a decade building her architectural knowledge. When John retired to sunny California, Gina kept the company name and continued the tradition of providing personalized architectural solutions.

Interior photo of Cohen Hilberry office located in a converted duplex with computer desks and bookshelves.

Your Designer

Good design improves the way you connect to the world around you. Through increased efficiency or ease, through wonder or joy. As your designers we find out how to make better connections for you.

Your Advisor

It is easy to lose sight of a solution in the muddle of information. As your advisors, we help you clear away the confusion, look at things from a fresh perspective, and make sound decisions about your project.

You’re First

Our business is you. The project might be a museum renovation or a transition plan, but they all start and end with us listening to you. What do you have, need and want?

Inclusive Design

In our human differences we find opportunities for the most meaningful design. With observation and discussion, we seek designs that can be used and enjoyed across a wide spectrum of abilities and cultures.

A team of professionals led by an industry expert.

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photo of Gina Hilberry

Gina Hilberry, AIA.

Teacher, mentor, advocate, and leader; Gina Hilberry, AIA is a practicing architect and principal of the architectural design firm Cohen Hilberry Architects.  For over 35 years Gina has provided thoughtful solutions through architectural and consulting services related to historic preservation, building renovation, new construction, and accessibility design and review.

Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

The greatest satisfaction we get from our years of study and experience is finding opportunities to use them.

Cohen Hilberry Architects is part of an industry that is continually looking for something stronger, safer, and more beautiful. We understand what solutions have worked in the past and what principles can be revamped to solve new problems and use new technologies.

  • Affordable Housing Commission

  • American Institute of Architects, St. Louis Chapter

  • ICC/ANSI A117.1 Standards Development Committee

  • City of Saint Louis, Office on the Disabled

  • Institute of Human Centered Design

  • National Parks Service, Denver Service Center

  • Starkloff Disability Institute

  • State Historic Preservation Office

  • U.S. Access Board

  • U.S. Department of Justice

Cohen Hilberry connects with a number of agencies and experts to bring you the best results.